Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Mansion Available For Renting Through Air BNB For Limited Time Only!


Your royal-airness #WillSmith is providing fans the chance to spend a few days in the original #FreshPrinceOfBelAir mansion through #AirBnb for a limited time only!


According to TMZ the signature Brentwood mansion will be available for renting with the same exterior used for the hit #90s series.

Sources have confirmed that the rental will include a portion of the home ranging from Will’s bedroom, bathroom, poolside lounge area, and legendary dinning room.


It has been indicated that the entrance of the home will consist of graffiti art, family interiors and a welcoming of cheesesteaks served on silver platters.

But that’s not all. Fans will gain the chance to throw on a pair of Jordan sneakers, shoot some hoops, test their DJ abilities on a set of turntables, go though Will’s closet of gear for a preppy outfit or his signature BelAir athletics attire.


Reports read that the bookings are only available for 5 dates only and is only open to Los Angeles residents. It has been noted that due to COVID-19 each renter must derive from the same home to not obtain risk of spreading viral illness.


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