#PrayersUp: 8 Year Old Shot To Death Over The Weekend Following Continous Violent Streak Within Chicago!


An 8 year old little girl was pronounced dead over the Labor Day weekend following an ongoing violent streak in #Chicago since June!

Dajore Wilson was in a vehicle with her mother and two other adults when another car described as a Dodge Charger waited at a light on Union Avenue at 47th Street. The shooters waited for the light to turn green and then released multiple bullets into the victims vehicle, reports CBS Chicago.

Reports read the victims car continued moving until they crashed into a tree and that the shooters made a U-turn on south union street and speed off.

It has been indicated that Dajore was shot in the back and immediately rushed to the University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital. Sadly, she was pronounced dead upon her arrival.


The other adults within the vehicle, were an unidentified 30 year old woman that was taken to the U of C Medical Center and was described as being in serious condition with shots to her back, another was a 31-year-old man that was taken to the same hospital in serious condition, that also suffered from a shot to the back. Lastly another 30 year old female was identified as in good condition but suffered injury from the vehicle crashing into a tree.

Sources further confirm that no arrests has been made at this time as police officials continue to search for the shooters.


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