Former Dunkin Donuts Employee Arrested Following Thick Mucus Discovered In State Trooper’s Coffee!


A former Dunkin Donuts employee in #Chicago has been arrested and charged last week after a State trooper discovered a large thick wad of mucus in his cup of black coffee!

According to Fox News, the incident took place Thursday night around 10:20 PM when an Illinois State trooper had stopped by a local Dunkin’ Donuts located at 6738 West Archer Avenue to purchase a large black coffee.


Sources have confirmed that following his purchase the State Trooper didn’t immediately drink the coffee due to how hot the cup was. The officer then removed the lid to cool down the coffee down a bit when he discovered the large piece of mucus.

The mucus was taken in for investigation and was later confirmed as saliva.

Reports read that Vincent J. Sessler identified as the employee present at the time of the incident, was arrested the following afternoon on Friday. He was charged for misconduct, reckless conduct, and battery to a police officer. It has been indicated that Sessler was released Saturday afternoon.

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