#ProtectAndServe: Rep. Maxine Waters Gets Involved When LAPD Detain Black Resident!


As we all know Congresswoman #MaxineWaters is a woman of her word when it comes down to rightfully protecting and serving the Black community at all costs, as she was recently spotted checking in on members of the LAPD as they detained a Black resident!

Rep. Maxine Waters was driving through the Los Angeles district on Friday when she noticed the incident unravel, reports the New York Post.


 “They stopped a brother, so I stopped to see what they were doing,” states Waters within a recorded video.

“They said I’m in the wrong place and that they’re going to give me a ticket,” she goes on to state within her interaction with the the LA County sheriff’s deputies.

“That’s OK as long as I watch them.”

Cellphone footage has been extremely helpful within Black and Brown residents interactions with police officials as of lately. As residents are now able to obtain quick and accessible protection of situations as they occur in real time.


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