#JusticeForToyin: Black Lives Matter Advocate Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau Found Dead!


It is with an extremely heavy heart that we inform you all of the horrific murder of 19 year old #BlackLivesMatter protestor #OluwatoyinSalau!

Oluwatoyin also known as Toyin’s body was discovered Saturday night in Tallahassee after being reported missing since June 6th. According to CBS News, Toyin was discovered dead alongside another woman identified as Victoria Sims, 75.


Reports read that local officials currently have a suspect in custody under the name of Aaron Glee Jr. As of right now there has been no further details of any relationship Toyin or Victoria had with Aaron prior to their death.

However multiple social media users have come forward to state that Toyin went missing one day after tweeting details about being sexually assaulted.

As of right now the hashtag #JusticeForToyin has been trending on social media.


Toyin will forever be remembered for her powerful stance within society and fearless advocacy for social justice within the Black Lives Matter movement.

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