FBI Set To Investigate Murder Of EMT At The Hands Of Louisville Police Officials!


The FBI has recently announced that they’ll be fully investigating the horrific and unethical murder of an EMT at the hands of Louisville police officials!

EMT Breonna Taylor, 26 was brutally murdered within her own home back in March after a pair of plain clothed police officers entered her home on the premises of serving a no-knock search warrant to search for illegal drugs.


Sources have confirmed that the officers have forwarded statements noting that they did announce themselves but Breonna’s boyfriend identified them as intruders and began to shoot.
Reports read that once the officers began to shoot that’s when a total of 8 bullets pierced Breonna’s body ultimately killing her.


It has been said that none of the officers was wearing a body camera on the day of the incident.

“The FBI will collect all available facts and evidence and will ensure that the investigation is conducted in a fair, thorough and impartial manner,” says special agent Robert Brown, for the FBI Louisville.


The responsible officers have been placed on administrative leave. While Breonna’s boyfriend is currently facing charges for attempted murder of a police officer and first-degree assault. He’s expected to appear in court sometime next month.
No drugs were ever discovered.


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