NAACP Chapter Warns Black People To Stay On High Alert After Male Is Brutally Targeted!


The NAACP chapter of Des Moines, Iowa is sending a warning to all local Black residents to remain on high alert after a young male was brutally targeted by 3 white men!

DarQuan Jones, 22 was attacked and beaten while making his way to his girlfriend’s house one night around 3AM reports Blavity. Reports read that DarQuan was choked, hit in the face while the unidentified men yelled numerous racial slurs.

Daryl Jones Facebook PageDaryl Jones Facebook Page

Daryl Jones Facebook Page

It has been indicated that DarQuan’s father Daryl Jones Jr. shared the aftermath photos of his son while in the hospital. The image shows numerous large gashes and cuts on DarQuan’s face and hands.

Within a press conference held on Sunday Daryl revealed that his son’s face had been broken in 5 places ultimately leaving him within a perplex state.

“He said, ‘Dad, why did this happen to me?’ And I couldn’t answer back. It brought tears to my eyes. “They know what they did. I don’t want an uproar, I just want justice,’“ states Daryl.


It has been indicated that female resident Tyia Campbell over heard DaeQuans’s screams for help during the incident and immediately came and helped him. She states that numerous racial slurs were thrown her way when the group was confronted, with then starting “ Get out of our area, we’re going to get all of you out of here.”

President of the NAACP Kameron Middlebrooks in Des Moines, and President of the Iowa-Nebraska NAACP Betty Andrews were also present at Sunday’s press conference, joined Daryl in calling for justice at the press conference.

“The young man, who is also an essential worker, was brutally beaten, called a n****r, called a monkey, and nearly had his life taken. If it wasn’t for two witnesses that came to his aid, we would have been sitting here working with the family on funeral arrangements,” Middlebrooks states to local news.

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