Los Angeles Named First Major City In The U.S To Offer Free COVID-19 Testing!


#LosAngeles has recently become the first major city within the U.S to issue free #COVID19 testing for all residents!

According to NBC News, testing centers will not deny access to residents that are currently experiencing symptoms or no symptoms at all. However those who exhibit signs of contracting the virus will be noted as first priority.

Sources have confirmed that LA Mayor Eric Garrett’s made the official announcement on Wednesday during a press conference and also on the social media platform of #Twitter.

Reports read that LA currently makes up for roughly around half of the #Coronavirus cases within the state of #California. It has been indicated that there are now over 45,031 confirmed cases with 20,000 of them deriving directly from LA.

Sources have concluded that California officials are currently working on facilitating additional free testing sites within other areas of the state based upon its overall necessity.

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