LeBron James Makes Terminal Ill Teen’s Wish Come True On Christmas Day!

Terminally ill teen and basketball lover #CoreyGrooves had one wish for the Holiday season and that was to meet his idol; #NBA all star #LeBronJames , before it was too late.

With only six months to live Grooves was diagnosed with stage four sarcoma cancer earlier this year reports CBS sports. It has been indicated that Grooves was determined to shake LeBron’s hand. Noting that he is grateful for life and doesn’t want to take anything for granted.

“Before getting sick, I would eat, sleep basketball,” Groves tells local news. Chances are [being in L.A. for the Christmas Day game] will be my last holiday ever. I’m hoping to spread the word and maybe get LeBron’s attention so I can shake my hero’s hand.”

Sources have confirmed that Grooves alongside his mother and younger brother traveled to Los Angeles on Christmas day for the Lakers verses Clippers game.

Later on that night Grooves took to social media and proudly posted a phot of himself alongside his idol.

Grooves states; “LeBron James just does so many good things off and off the court. Some athletes are there for the money but he really cares about this job.”

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