New York City Poison Control Experiences Spike In Household Cleaning Products Following Trumps Disinfectant Inquiry!


New York City Poison Control has recently reported an apparent shift within calls related to Lysol and numerous household cleaning products after Donald Trump suggested officials evaluate whether injecting disinfect directly into the body would cure a person of #COVID19!

According to PIX11 between the hours of 9PM Thursday and 3PM Friday afternoon Poison Control received a total of 9 cases of individuals being directly exposed to Lysol, 10 cases of bleach and 11 cases of other household cleaning products.


Thankfully none of the cases lead to hospitalization or death. Sources have confirmed that cleaning companies have directly advised customers to inject or digest disinfectant it any cleaning product for that matter. Lysol has also warn the public to disregard any recent comments made by officials, while pleading consumers to intake any of the products.

On Thursday Trump forward his inquiries to the White House’s Coronavirus task force coordinator Dr Deborah Brix stating that, “ Then I see the disinfectant, where I see it knocks it out in a minute. Is there a way we can do something like that? By injection inside or almost a cleaning, as you see it gets into the lungs and it does a tremendous number.”

On Firday New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot forwarded a statement addressing the public advising them to indulge in any cleaning products., “To be clear, disinfectants are not intended for ingestion either by mouth, by ears, by breathing them in any way, shape or form. And doing so can put people at great risk.”

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