San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Reports No One In Puerto Rico Has Received A Stimulus Check Yet!


San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz has recently come forward with devastating news clamming that not one single #PuertoRico resident has received their government issued stimulus check as of yet!

According to Complex Magazine, Mayor Yulin Cruz has also announced that Puerto Rican residents have been promised several federal checks that all coincidentally delayed. Sources have confirmed that the citizens are eligible to receive the $1,200 check and money for food assistance issued by U.S Secretary of Agriculture.

“No one in Puerto Rico has received their $1,200 Coronavirus stimulus checks from the federal government,” Mayor Yulín Cruz states. “We’re having problems with a local $500 check that the governor said was going to be distributed.”

Mayor Yulin Cruz continues by stating that over 130,000 Puerto Rico residents have filed for unemployment at this time and that no answers have been forwarded for the next steps moving forward. Sources have confirmed that new requests for food stamps have also been backlogged.

Recent reports show that Puerto Rico has around 1,300 Coronavirus patients with a total of 83 deaths. The entire island has been placed on lockdown until May as of right now.

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