Diddy States He’s Currently In Talks Of Songwriters Battle With Dr. Dre!


We can all agree that super producers #SwizzBeatz and #Timbaland have been doing an amazing job of keeping us all entertained while in quarantine with some of the most legendary songwriters battles ever imagined within their Instagram series of Verzuz!

Social media has been buzzing upon which two industry giants are next in line to go toe to toe as thousands or possibly millions watch as we witnessed between #BabyFace and #TeddyRiley. It appears that the wait shall be coming to an end as the Bad Boy General Diddy has confirmed that him and Dr. Dre could possibly be stepping into the ring pretty soon.

Within an in-depth conversation with #FatJoe, Diddy recently shared that he is currently in talks of the Verzuz songwriters battle. He states, “We’re definitely talking about it,” Diddy responds to Joe’s inquiry. “You heard it here. You heard it here on the show.”

Last week Swizz took to Instagram with the initial idea of making the battle between Diddy and Dre a Pay-per-view event with the proceeds being forwarded to charity.

“We need Dr. Dre versus P. Diddy Pay-per-view for the culture,” Swizz Beatz states. “Let’s bring the two kings in and give back to the people. This is a give back to the people.”

At this time nothing has been confirmed as of yet. We will keep you payed with all updates.

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