Paraguay Mother Wakes Up In Body Bag After Being Wrongfully Pronounced Dead By Doctor!


A Paraguay mother recently experienced one of the most scariest nightmares ever imagined, as she woke up inside of a body bag after being incorrectly pronounced dead by a Doctor!

Ovarian Cancer patient Gladys Rodriguez de Duarte, 46 had recently been admired to San Fernando Clinic located in Coronel Oviedo on Saturday morning, reports The New York Post. Sources have confirmed that she had experienced a major spike in her blood pressure.

Reports read that within the time span of roughly two hours her testing physician pronounced her dead due to cervical cancer complications.

It has been indicated that after the physician forwarded Gladys death certificate to her daughter and husband, her body was then transferred to a funereal home by undertakers.

Once Gladys body reached Duarte é Hingis funeral home employees began to see the body bag she was in move. It has been stated that Gladys is currently in intensive care and listed under stable but delicate.

Reports read that Gladys husband Maximino Duarte Ferreira filed a complaint directly against the doctor upon claims of purposefully pronouncing his wife dead because they allegedly didn’t want to treat her anymore.

“He assumed she was dead and handed her naked to me like an animal with her death certificate,” states Maximino to local news. He continues by saying, “they disconnected her and passed her off to the funeral home.”

Sources have concluded that the Doctors have denied such claims and highlighted that they actually attempted to revive Gladys. Accompanying physician Dr. Catalino Fabio states that the treating doctor was unable to locate Gladys pulse at the time.

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