Governor Cumo Advised To Shut Down New York City Subway To Stop Coronavirus Widespread!


Though Governor Andrew Cuomo has been putting his best foot forward within efforts of stopping the COVID19 pandemic in New York city, reports continuously identify the state as still being at large upon having the most positively tested #Coronavirus victims within the United States!

According to the New York Post Cuomo has recently been advised by numerous City Council members to shut down the NYC subway system. Officials have indicated that the subway system is a major source of the coronavirus wide spread due to reduced service leading resulting in overpacked carts of pedestrians and sleeping homeless people.

”MTA employees are going to work every day with woefully inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE). They are given one mask and one pair of gloves for an entire week while continuing to work among the filth of the subway,” reads a letter forwarded by officials.

Reports read that thousands of MTA workers are expected to show up to work each day however they aren’t being forwarded effective and necessary protective gear as they are required to come in contact with the general public.

Sources have confirmed that COVID-19 has claimed the lives of over 60 MTA employees, with a total of 2,496 workers testing positive of the virus and MTA spokeswoman Abbey Collins has stated that 4,365 employees are currently within quarantine after being exposed. With another 4,127 recently returning to work after enduring the quarantine process.

“ As a result, MTA workers are dying at a faster rate than any other front-line workers.”

Officials state that though lower ridership is believed to be helpful within a reduced amount of trains and buses running through the city, councilmen have noted that this has only caused furthermore problems.

Councilmen Robert Holden, Eric Ulrich, Mark Gjonaj and Peter Koo have indicated within a forwarded statement that, “This crowding becomes a hotspot for COVID-19 transmission and presents an extreme danger to everyone on board.”

The letter notes that, “homeless New Yorkers are seeking refuge on the subways and taking over entire train cars, further endangering themselves and others.”

“Taking all of this information into account, we believe that the New York City transit system is a primary contributor to the spread of COVID-19, and we recommend a temporary closure of the system for at least one week for deep cleaning of trains, buses and stations.”

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