Bill Cosby Denied Early Release From Prison Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic!


Thousands of inmates around the country have been released from prison recently within efforts of stoping furthermore spreading of #COVID19 within overcrowded correctional facilities and jails!

Despite #BillCosby legal team’s notion within attempt to have him released also, it has been indicated that he has recently been denied.

According to BET News Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf had recently signed a new order implementing that inmates will not be deemed eligible for release if they have been charged for a violent crime, criminal attempt, criminal solicitation, or criminal conspiracy to commit a crime of violence.

As we previously reported Cosby’s spokesperson Andrew Wyatthad come forward with concerns of how the #Coronavirus could potentially affect his client. “Prisons and jails around the country are becoming infested with coronavirus cases,” says Wyatt. “And it’s only a matter of time before Mr. Cosby’s prison likely falls victim to the virus.

Reports read that Cosby will continue to serve his three out of ten years in prison for aggravated indecent assault.

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