Georgia High School Students Expelled After Racist TikTok Video Goes Viral!


We can all agree that #TikTok users from all over have been doing an amazing job of keeping us in good spirits at this time simply with their use of creativity. However tasteless jokes and pure ignorance should be noted as something the world has ever and won’t never need, especially on social media!

#StephanieFreeman and #JeffreyHume of Carrollton High-school have recently been expelled after creating a racist #TikTok video directed at stereotypes of Black people which they titled “ How To Make N****”

Within the video the two seniors are shown going back and fourth reading from scraps of paper false elements of how to create a Black person.

According to Fox News the video was uploaded to the social media platform of Twitter on Thursday night and was immediately brought to the intention of school officials.

Reports read that Carrollton City Schools Superintendent Dr.Mark Albertus has come forward within a public statement to say, “ the students behavior was unacceptable and is it representative of the districts respect of all people.

Despite the fact that video was created after school hours, the students have been officially removed from the graduating class of 2020.

Carrolton High School Principal David Brooks has stated on Friday, “This incident does not reflect the culture of Carrollton City Schools. He goes on to state, “It is our priority to keep our schools safe, and there is no doubt this incident has caused significant tension at Carrollton High School, across the district, state and nation – even the world.”

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