Vanessa Bryant Announces Release Of Kobe Bryant’s New Book “The Wizenard Series: Season One”

#VanessBryant is continuing her husband #KobeBryant ‘s legacy within literature while introducing the next installment of his new book series “ The Wizenard” !

According to NBC News, Vanessa took to her personal Instagram page to announce the release on Tuesday, “Welcome back to Dren! We hope you are all ready to catch up with the West Bottom Badgers for another magical basketball season.”

Granity Studios has been named the official publisher’s of the series, their website has issued a description of the book, “The Wizenard Series: Season One” is a supernatural young adult novel that follows Reggie, a basketball player hoping to become the best. But the gym he trains at is “working against him in magical ways.”

The description continues, “Reggie has never felt destined for greatness. He dreams about basketball brilliance all day and night, but the hard truth is that he’s a benchwarmer for the West Bottom Badgers, the worst team in the league. Even their mysterious new coach, Rolabi Wizenard, can’t seem to help them end their losing streak.’“

The book serves as a continuation to the New York Times bestseller, “ The Wizenard Series: Training Camp.”

Co-author Wesley King recalled in an interview how important the project was to Bryant and how he wanted the book to inspire young adults!

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