Online Stimulus Tool Helps Calculate Expected Economic Rescue Check Amount For Taxpayers!

#Cousins, the U.S house alongside Donald Trump have officially sealed the deal on what has been identified as being the largest economic relief package ever issued!

The 2.2 trillion dollar relief package is set for release sometime his month, reports ABC News. Sources have confirmed that the package derives from government officials direct response to the horrific #Coronavirus pandemic.

The relief package will also serve as aide to companies and workers who have been heavily impacted by the economic decline.

Reports read that payments will be forwarded by direct deposit to a vast majority of eligible taxpayers for $1,200 forwarded to each individual, an additional $500 per child, and a separate followed guidelines for those who earn over the specified income margin.

An online tool has been created to provide each individual a rough estimate of the amount they’d most likely receive, check it out below 👇🏿

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