Actor Miguel A. Nunez Jr Arrested For Stealing Groceries From LA Supermarket!

#Cousins, do ya’ll remember the hilarious early 2000’s film Juwanna Mann staring #MiguelANunezJr ? Well unfortunately his name is currently headlining everywhere and it ain’t for a new movie roll either!


According to TMZ Nunez has been identified as stealing from a Los Angels located Ralphs Supermarket. Sources have confirmed that Nunez is being accused of walking out of the grocery store with over $200 worth of food after his credit card had declined.

It appears that Nunez returned to the establishment a couple of days later and not only wasn’t he allowed inside but the police were called.

Reports read that Nunez was placed under citizens arrest but wasn’t taken into the station, he was only giving a ticket. It has been noted that due to the #Coronavirus pandemic LA officials are currently prohibited from booking people for minor offenses.

Nunez details the entire ordeal differently. He states that there was an overwhelming long line in which he says he waited on forever. He highlights that the Coronavirus is keeping people from being closely knitted near people and the store wasn’t following directions so he took his items and left. Nunez states he came back with every intention of paying the tab but the store owner wasn’t feeling that.

Cousins what are your thoughts? 👇🏿

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