#ForTheCulture: Future Donates Much Needed Supplies To Healthcare Workers Combating Coronavirus!

#Cousins, Atlanta Rapper #Future is doing his part to help save the lives of both #Coronavirus victims and healthcare officials by donating necessary supplies to hospitals experiencing a drought!

Future is currently pairing up with a sewing organization to help issue face masks to care workers and patients in a campaign named ironically after his 2017 hit single Mask On, reports CNN.

Sources have confirmed that Future’s family founded organization of The FreeWishes Foundation released news of the campaign earlier this week.

“As most people adapt to the new normal of staying quarantined to protect themselves from the coronavirus, healthcare professionals do not have this privilege. In addition, they do not even have enough supplies to protect themselves from contracting the coronavirus.”
Reports read that Atlanta Sewing Style has successfully organized a team of 500 members to help deliver the masks. There has been no word on how many masks would be made at this time.

Future’s sister and co-founder Tia-Wilburn Anderson of FreeWishes has come forward to state, “It is important to my brother, Future and I that we are of service to our community, especially during this pandemic and throughout the year.”

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