Concert Goer Victim Smacked By DaBaby Speaks For The First Time!

#Cousins , it’s been a few days since the now viral video of North Carolina Rapper #DaBaby smacking a female concert goer to the ground has circulated. Now for the very first time since the incident the young woman has come forward to share her side of the story.

Tyronesha Laws has spoken with TMZ clarifying that it was in fact another female concert goer that flashed the camera within the rapper’s face in Tampa, but it was her that received the smack across the face.
Laws goes on to state following the incident she was offered no medical attention and was given a hard time when trying receive a police report and refused to leave without one.

Following the incident Laws went to the hospital for her injury and was diagnosed with a bruised cheekbone. According to TMZ she has attained legal counsel and is ready to take action.

She says she’s embarrassed by the entire situation and feels as if DaBaby’s apology is completely insincere. Laws believe his actions are hateful and is causing her to receive backlash simply because he’s joking about the incident.

DaBaby has recently released a comedy skit replaying the incident with comedian Michael Blackson on a since deleted Instagram post.

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