Miami Concert Promoter Files Lawsuit Against Da Baby For $6+ Million In Damages!

Word on the street is North Carolina native #DaBaby has officially been issued an lawsuit for multiple charges after a business deal gone wrong with a #Miami, party promoter!

TMZ reports promoter Kenneth Carey has filed a recent lawsuit against Da Baby, his friends and entertainment label for physically harming him and also not holding his end of a bargain within a hosting deal.

Sources have confirmed that Carey claims that he had an alleged agreement between Da Baby to host a party upon the premises of another artist identified as Stunna 4 Vegas performing He goes on to state that Da Baby had agreed on the deal and the forwarded amount of $20K.


Carey goes on to state that Da Baby traveled to Miami along with his entourage of friends where there were an arrangement of rental cars and hotels. Things were seemingly going well until one of the rentals were returned allegedly damaged.

Carey continues within his claim by stating that another issue arrised on the day he was scheduled to pay Da Baby. After he declined to pay the requested additional $10K the rapper allegedly became angry and things turned physical. Within a partially recorded video you can see Carey being tossed around. He states that Da Baby alongside 4 other men beat him up. pulled his pants down and threw apple juice on him.



It has been highlighted that the men allegedly stole his wallet and cellphone alongside his credit card.

Carey is currently filing suit for battery, breach of contract, emotional distress and intentional infliction etc. all in total of over $6 million dollars.

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