Rapper Young QC Sentenced To 99 Years In Jail After Hiring Hitman To Kill His Mother!

#Cousins ; a young and aspiring rapper from #Chicago has recently been sentenced to a lifetime in jail after hiring a hitman to murder his own mother!

Qaw’mane Wilson, 30 also known as Young QC was found guilty within direct connecting of the murder of his mother Yolanda Holmes in March of 2019, reports the Daily News.

The crime is identified as “ Matricide “ which means to murder one’s mother confirmed Cook County Judge Stanley Sacks.


Reports read that Wilson was initially accused of hiring hit man Eugene Spencer to kill Holmes. It has been indicated that Spencer shot Holmes while inside of her apartment in 2012 and leaving her boyfriend unconscious. Sources have confirmed that Wilson ordered Spencer to continuously stab Holmes while saying over the phone “‘make sure that b*tch is dead.”

Spencer was found guilty last year of murder and sentenced to 100 years in prison.

Official court documents have confirmed that Wilson withdrew money from his mother’s bank accounts following her death. It has been stated that he used the money to pay for custom designer features to a Mustang his mother purchased for him.

” Nobody loved my mother more than me,” stated Wilson on Friday while awaiting his sentencing. Wilson has been ordered to serve a total of 99 years behind bars.

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