Terry Crews Issues Apology To Gabrielle Union After Backing “America’s Got Talent” Show Runners!

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After receiving a much deserved social media beat down actor and host #TerryCrews has finally seen the light and decided to right his wrongs within issuing a public apology to former America’s Got Talent former judge #GabrielleUnion !

According To Bossip ; Crews issued a controversial comment of declaring that his current home with America’s Got Talent is one of the most diverse places he’s ever worked for. Furthermore stating that as a man he wasn’t justified in speaking on any allegations of sexism or racism because he hadn’t witnessed such acts.

These comments were made upon countless allegations from past employees such as Gabrielle Union, Nick Cannon and more indicating that the network was anything but appreciative of their blackness or any other race for that matter.

After being deemed an “ Uncle Tom,” Crews later responded with a tweet that stated he doesn’t have to answer to anyone but his wife.

“There is only one woman one earth I have to please. Her name is Rebecca. Not my mother, my sister, my daughters or co-workers. “I will let their husbands/ boyfriends/ partners take care of them. Rebecca gives me WINGS.”

As expected his notions only added more fuel to the accelerating fire. Leading to Crews being dragged even more by social media users for not taking a stance.

It wasn’t until Friday evening Crews issued a public apology to Union admitting that he was wrong for not being open to her experience. He goes on to state that he was wrong and made a mistake.

Unfortunately though Union has yet to respond.

However her husband #DwyaneWade remains anything but pleased by the ironically apologetic tweets. As he took to twitter asking for someone to please take Crews phone!

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