Timbaland Reveals 130lb Weight Loss Journey Amidst Pain Killer Addiction Battle!

Legendary music producer and artist #Timbaland has jump started the new year with an entirely different outlook on things. From fully investing into a healthier daily routine to revealing one of the most difficult moments he’s ever had to endure. Timbaland is currently tackling life from a new prospective and we are 100% here for it!

Within a recent interview with Men’s Health Magazine, Timbaland has revealed that he spent the most recent years of his life attaining a healthy lifestyle after enduring a near death experience, reports People Magazine.


Timbaland states that he once had an extreme battle with pain killers after becoming addicted in 2011 due to a root canal. He openly admitted to once abusing OxyContin and Percocet on a daily basis. It has been indicated that his addiction only worsted after issues with the IRS and marital divorce erupted.

“It put me in a great feeling of not caring, of just being free,” states Timbaland within the most recent magazine issue. “I’m like traveling, doing shows, popping ’em, having fun, just being ignorant.”

He states that he was unaware of how many pills he was popping a day but is sure it was more than the limit prescribed. He continues on by saying that drug abuse paired with poor eating habits took a toll on his body and forced him to gain weight rapidly. He was once a solid 350lbs with only a 5 foot 7 stature.


But it was a single dream that made him turn his life over and change his habits.

“I had a dream that death was near,” he states. “I saw myself with a white face. It’s like a bright light going on in your brain,” he reflects on the love he has for kids and how they saved him. “That’s how you know what true love really is.”

Timbaland now has made the necessary changes to help him live a fulfilling and well balanced life by daily exercising and self reflection. He has currently lost a total of 130lbs!

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