Yo Gotti And Roc Nation Record Label Pair Up To Sue Mississippi For Inhumane Prison Conditions!

Yo Gotti has officially signed and delivered his fair warning to the state of #Mississippi upon horrific and unjustifiable living conditions in their prison systems for inmates!

According to TMZ ; Gotti has paired up with #JayZ ‘s record label Roc Nation to follow suit against a total of 30 prisons currently enduring deadly and harmful conditions. Sources have confirmed that Roc Nation’s legal giant and attorney Alex Spiro will represent the inmates through the court proceedings.


Reports read that an official lawsuit was filed Tuesday morning in federal court against max-security prison Parchman ; highlighting the fact that three inmates were murdered in the first week of 2020.

Court documents obtained by TMZ indicate that these prisons are often understaffed and underfunded. Most violent and deadly incidents reoccur due to the fact that there aren’t enough guards. It has also been indicated that there aren’t enough mattresses for the amount of inmates that occupy the prison either.


The forwarded lawsuit outlines the seeking of damages for inmates. Also orders the Mississippi department of corrections to address all issues indicated from lack of staff, funding and living conditions.

Gotti initially urged Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to address these issues and make an effective change or ultimately face a lawsuit.


“The Lives of countless individuals in Mississippi prisons are at stake and we will not stop until this is fixed.”

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