Dr.Dre Named The Highest Paid Musician Of The Decade!

Los Angeles, California native #DrDre has come a long way from the streets of #Compton. With over thirty years in the game as a successful musician, artist and business man it brings us an immense amount of joy to announce that Dr. Dre has made history being named the highest paid musician of this decade!

Dre’s career initially took off when he made his rap debut as a member of the legendary #NWA group during the 1980s. From there his talent within branding, producing and management shined through.


According to NBC News ; it has been indicated that Dre pulled in a total of $950 million dollars from 2010 through 2019. Reports read that Dre’s major cash cow stems from his 20% stake in the popular headphone and wireless stereo company Beats By Dre and also the 2014 $3 billion dollar buy out from Apple.

This is a major win for Dre as an artist that hasn’t released an album or been on tour for quite some time. It has been indicated that Dre has successfully reigned high over second and third place winners #TaylorSwift with $825 million and #Beyonce with $685 million.

Congratulations Dre!

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