21 Year Old Baltimore Business Owner Found Dead Days After Telling Officials She Was Scared For Her Life!

#Cousins; it is with an extremely heavy heart that we inform you of the recent and tragic death of a young Baltimore entrepreneur that has left her family in shambles!

#DestinyHarrison , 21 lifeless body was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds to the head Dec.21st at her Madamd Beauty Bar around 6PM reports BET News. It has been indicated that Harrison was rushed to a local hospital where she was later pronounced dead.


Sources have confirmed that Harrison had filed an official police report due to the breaking in of her business exactly twelve days before her murder. She filed charges against two unnamed people for stealing merchandise from her shop. Officials state that the two people responsible live in the same area as Harrison’s business.

Within the police report Harrison stated that over $3,000 worth of extensions were stolen. She went on to state, “I’m scared for my life and business.”

Forwarded reports read that the culprits were arrested and charged with assault, theft, and burglary. But there have been no suspects identified for Harrison’s murder at this time. Officials state that there were witnesses inside of the shop when the incident took place and that they are hopeful someone will speak up.

“Somebody gotta know something. Please come forward. We need to get these demonic souls here. They need to pay for their crime. There’s no doubt about that, in the name of Jesus, there’s no doubt,” states Harrison’s uncle Dewine McQueen.

Harrison is described as a true entrepreneur that worked hard to build her business from the ground up.

Harrison’s mother Racquel Harrison has established a Go-Fund me page to help secure donations for funeral arrangements.

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