Diddy To Receive Industry Icon Honor At The 2020 Pre-Grammy Gala!

Congratulations are in definite order! Musician, artist and overall mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs is set to receive honor at the prestigious Pre-Grammy Gala in 2020 for his incredibly influential career!

According to BET News; the official announcement was made Wednesday morning. Sources have confirmed that #Diddy will be honored within celebration for his 25 year career in music and multiple contributions made to the industry.

“For nearly three decades, Diddy has fused his boundless creativity and sharp entrepreneurial spirit to create timeless art and build brands and institutions that have shifted our global music culture,” stated President and CEO of the Recording Academy, Deborah Dugan. “By bringing the music and lifestyle of East Coast hip hop to the masses, he was an early reminder of music’s unifying ability to flip our perceptions and broaden our connections to all corners of the world.” 

The legendary Clive Davis has come forward to state, “It’s personally so gratifying that Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs is this year’s icon. He fully deserves this wonderful recognition,” said Clive Davis. “From his past innovative and creative contributions right from the very inception of the hip hop revolution to his many memorable appearances at the Pre Grammy Gala as both speaker and performer, it’s all come full circle. I couldn’t be happier for Sean as a dear friend and colleague.” 

The ceremony will officially take place Jan. 25th at the annual Recording Academy and Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala. Taking place upon the eve of the 62nd Grammy Awards.

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