Cuba Gooding Jr Currently Facing Sexual Assault Claims By A Total Of 22 Women!

Whelp Cousins ; it appears more women have recently come forward on behalf of allegedly #CubaGoodingJr ‘s inexcusable behavior!

According to TMZ an additional 7 women have come forward to seek justice after being immorally violated by the actor. Sources have confirmed that each incident ranges from forcible kissing, touching, groping and even immediate requests for women to pee on him. As of right now the long list of Gooding accusers consist of 22 women.

Official documents read that within one newly forwarded incident Gooding allegedly kissed a woman without her consent back in January 2009. The incident occurred while they were at a Sundance Musical festival where he began to touch her butt and make his way towards her vagina area. The woman states that he wouldn’t stop and even ripped her tights. She finally got him off after biting his cheek.


Within another incident an Atlanta, Georgia resident claims Gooding groped her and when confronted he threatened her in 2011 by stating “I know you want to be an actress; I can ruin you.”

Gooding has also been accused of begging a women to pee on him within a 2018 incident in Malibu. Forwarded documents have indicated that Gooding allegedly stated “You’re going to sit on my face, pee in my mouth and pee all over me.” She states that this incident occurred more than 3 times within the course of two years at the same specific bar.

As of right now Gooding is currently facing charges for 3 separate incidents within New York City. He hasn’t been charged for the 7 additional alleged incidents but sources have indicated that the Prosecution team is pushing for it.

Gooding denies all claims and would like the entire case thrown out.

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