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Autopsy Hints Juice Wrld Allegedly Swallowed Percocet To Hide During Fed Raid!

Millions of devoted fans have been left heartbroken after the unexpected death of beloved artist Juice Wrld. As time progresses and official autopsy reports are completed; heartbreaking details reveal exactly what caused such a sudden death!

According to Complex Magazine; Juice’s death is suspected to have derived from him swallowing multiple Percocet pills, upon the arrival of expected Police officials searching his private jet. Sources have confirmed that the Juice’s pilot had contacted police officials implicating that the rapper and his entourage were traveling with a heavy amount of drugs.

It has been indicated that once Juice’s plan landed multiple federal officials were already waiting to search the private jet. That is when Juice allegedly panicked and scarfed multiple Percocet pills at once as a way of hiding them from officials. Witnesses state that they did see Juice take the pills and believe that was the sole cause of his seizure.


Reports read that Juice had already began facing convulsions as officials searched the jet leading him into cardiac arrest. Though they were able to bring back Juice into consciousness, he still wasn’t able to function properly.

Officers contacted dispatch requesting an ambulance multiple times before action was ever taken. It has been indicated that the paramedics spent over 40 minute trying to revive Juice but unfortunately they were unsuccessful. Juice was officially pronounced dead at 3:06PM Sunday morning. An in-depth autopsy report is still underway at this time.

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