Tyler Perry Lends Helping Hand To American Couple Stuck In Mexican Hospital With $16K+ Hospital Bill!

Black #Hollywood pioneer #TylerPerry has recently stepped in to help a sick man and his wife out who are currently stranded at a Mexican hospital that will not allow them to leave until their bill is paid in full!

According to TMZ ; an Atlanta newly engaged couple were having the time of their life while on a cruise in Mexico when things unexpectedly turned for the worst.


Tori Austin and Stephen Johnson were in the middle of enjoying a vacation getaway when Stephen suddenly fell terribly ill. Sources have confirmed that Stephen was rushed to Centro Medico Americano in Progreso in Mexico. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis, diabetes and a kidney infection. Stephen then underwent dialysis and multiple other necessary procedures and treatments.

It has been indicated that Stephen’s near death experience racked up a $14,000 hospital bill. Hospital officials then informed them of their strict policy in which patients are unable to leave until their balance is paid in full. With little to no resources, the couple’s family established a GoFund me page to possibly pay off the balance. Unfortunately the money raised wasn’t enough to cover the exceedingly high bill.


However, after hearing about the tragic ordeal Perry stepped in immediately offering to help the best way he possibly can. Reports read that he originally offered to pay the balance in full with his credit card but the hospital insisted upon another form of payment. It has been indicated that Perry has wired the money and is in hopes of it clearing no later than Monday. He has also set up to cover their full travel expenses back to Atlanta once Stephen is discharged.

Job well done Tyler!

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