Princess Love And Ray J At Odds Over Cheating Speculations!

Trouble in paradise…

#Cousins ; we must say The Norwoods have done an excellent job of keeping us entertained this week. We have #PrincessLove accusing her hubby Ray J of cheating in one corner. While Ray J is working his hardest on the other side of things to convince the world that these heavy accusations are not only inaccurate but nonexistent.

ENEWS reports; Princess took to Instagram in a live video to call out Ray for premeditating an argument in order to exit their hotel room to party with escorts; after allegedly leaving her and their baby girl stranded in Las Vegas.

“A man will have a whole wife, kid and baby on the way and start an argument with you… just to go to his other hotel room to party with escorts and strippers.” Also shedding light on the fact that Ray’s been keeping an extra phone under wraps.

Ray then took to his own Instagram to state that he never left Vegas and that he wouldn’t ever think about leaving his daughter Melody Norwood stranded because he loves her too much. He goes on to say that Princess assumed that he left and never took the time to address their issues properly.


As of right now Ray has never addressed or denied anything pertaining to strippers. However he did upload a since deleted video of his mom Mrs. Sonja Norwood arriving to Vegas.

#Cousins; let’s keep Ray and Princess in our prayers. They’re currently expecting another baby at this time and we would love to see them happy, in love and drama free again!

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