Senior Staff Nurse Commits Suicide Due To Overwhelming Work Schedule!

#Cousins we can’t emphasize enough the importance of eliminating or stepping away from anything that causes you stress. Sadly what’ve causes you a headache today could ultimately cost you your life tomorrow.

Leona Goddard, 35 tragically hanged herself within her parents home just 6 short months after receiving a promotion at the Prestwich Hospital in Manchester; according to the New York Post.

Sources have confirmed Goddard issued a two page later upon her death indicating her deepest and darkest feelings throughout the years. It has been indicated that Goddard had endured a heavy and overwhelming work schedule since her promotion.


During a court hearing Goddard’s college friend Daniele Hinds states; “Leona struggled with shifts she was given and found it difficult to maintain a social life around them.”
Her family has since came forward to state that Goddard’s job also kept her from enduring any long term relationships. “The shift work in particular got her down as she did a 12-hour shift,”Goddard’s mom Corrine Goodridge states. “Leona had not had any long-term steady relationship and the most recent one ended by text message.“

After undergoing an in-depth investigation surrounding Goddard’s death; it has been indicated that Goddard committed suicide due to intense levels of stress.
“Having considered all the evidence read and heard, it seems that Leona was under a great deal of stress going on for a long time,” states coroner Angharad Davis. “She had very low self-esteem and did not recognize in herself the person that everybody else saw.”

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