Jacquees Vists Devoted Fan At Hospital And Gifts Her A Lifetime Pass To All Of His Concerts!

Singer and self proclaimed King of R&B Jacquees has recently teamed up with the Make -A- Wish foundation to to hand deliver a special gift to one of his most devoted fans!

#HollywoodUnlocked reports; Jacquees paid visit to Samira, 17 and her family in #LosAngeles , California. Sources have confirmed that Samira suffers from an extreme nervous disorder which leaves her ultimately confined to a wheelchair.


As a special gift for being such a devoted fan of Jacquees throughout his entire career, she was able to spend time with him and even sing her favorite song of his Fact or Fiction. She went on to tell him that she’s attended many of his shows and purchased countless items of his exclusive merch.

It has been stated that Samira’s mom informed the singer that when Samira fell into a deep coma it was Jacquees music that helped her wake up. He thanked her for the tremendous amount of love and issued her a lifetime pass to all of his shows.

TMZ reports that Samira now listens to Jacquees every night before she goes to sleep.

Amazinf job Jacquees!!

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