Bronx Child With Down Syndrome Falls From Ninth Story Window!

#Cousins please join us in sending immediate prayers for strength and recovery to a seven year old boy after falling 9 floors down from a Bronx apartment window!

According to the #NewYorkPost ; the horrific incident took place on Nov. 9th around 11am within the Soundview section of Bronx River Houses.

Sources have confirmed that the child’s mother was home during the time of the accident, within another room of the apartment. Neighbors state that after hearing the sound of her son falling she ran out of her apartment completely shocked, “My baby fell out the window! My baby fell out the window!”

📸; Daily News📸; Daily News

📸; Daily News

“He was screaming and hollering. It was like somebody was getting killed,” says neighbor Jimmy Graham, 68. “He fell onto that grassy area. Workers had to cut the fence to get to him.”

It has been reported that the child was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center, where he then underwent emergency surgery to his leg and suffered from intense bleeding to his brain.

“When I came out they were putting him on a stretcher,” states the building tenant association President Norma Saunders. “It wasn’t a good sight to see. You never want to see a child being put on a stretcher. The mother was right by his side along with his sisters.“

It has been confirmed that the young boy removed a piece of cardboard that was in the window holding up the side of an air conditioner. Which leaded to him sliding through the side of the window.

He is currently being hospitalized and remains in critical condition.

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