Surveillance Footage Released Of Woman’s Last Moments Before Abusive Boyfriend Executes Her!

A #California woman used the last moments of her life to help save an innocent family before she was murdered at the hands of her abusive boyfriend!

According to #PeopleMagazine ; Sacramento, California resident Chanell Brown, 23 was executed by her boyfriend Earnest Easterling on Oct 27th after a heated argument. Sources have confirmed that the argument took place outside of a home when Easterling became furious that Brown had called the police on him.


The footage shows Easterling tossing Brown around as he screams at the top of his lungs with threats to kill her once officials arrive.

“You got the police called on me, I didn’t do (expletive), Easterling screams.

“Lock your door, lock it,”
Brown helplessly warns bystanders to go in their house and lock their doors.


Reports read that moments after officials arrive at the scene Brown is seen cooperating with the officers. Easterling then chases after her and fires his gun within point range and kills her. Easterling is then shot and killed by the Deputies.

“That video speaks a thousand words,” says Sacramento County Sheriff Sergeant Tess Deterding. “If you watch it, everything unfolds in a split second.”

Brown’s family held a public press conference on Wednesday Nov 6th. They stated that Easterling was Brown’s first and only boyfriend. They referred to her last moments as angelic.

“Everything about her was an angel, she helped you,” states Brown mother Veronica Brown with a heavy heart. “She saved lives, the night she died she saved lives, she saved other people, she sacrificed her own life. That’s what really happened. She sacrificed herself.”

It has been indicated that Brown’s sister Kevonna had served in the military with Easterling prior to him dating Chanell. “I served with this man. I thought he would protect her, not hurt her,” she stated. “This was my sister’s first boyfriend, her first boyfriend. You don’t always get a second chance.”

Brown’s family states they sensed something was wrong because she began to change, “She had distanced herself from family,” Kevonna continues “she moved away.”

During the press conference Brown’s brother Kevin comes forward to state the lesson they’ve learned from this tragic ordeal. “Our goal was to bring awareness to the situation, moving forward, you know, ’cause that’s something as a family, that should be our mission to do for her.”

Cousins, if you or anyone you may know is suffering from domestic violence from their partner or any form of abuse please seek help. Contact local officials, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or go visit Both sources are 100% confidential and are available 24/7.

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