50 Cent Drags Comcast CEO For Dropping STARZ From Cable Network!

#Cousins we are officially days away from the official mid season finale premiere of STARZ original series POWER. Though fans are bursting with anticipation and excitement for all that is yet to come everyone’s favorite social media user 50 cent is singing a far more different tune!


According to #TheGrio 50 Cent took to both Twitter and Instagram on Sunday to call out Comcast CEO #BrianLRoberts after news broke of Comcast plans to drop STARZ from their cable network effective Dec. 10th. It has been indicated that majority of the show’s viewers derive from Comcast and will ultimately cost them millions of viewers

‘They are dropping STARZ no more POWER, I’m dead,” 50 Cent tweeted. Within proper 50 cent fashion he then uploaded a photo of Roberts on his Instagram with a caption that read: “This is the guy of*cking up (Power)over at @Comcast for no reason.” He continues “Motherf*cker look like he been pushed around his whole life. He need to chill out, go to a golf course or sit his a** down some where.”

Within efforts of rallying against Comcast’s decision to drop the network; 50 cent has reached out to fans urging them to contact Comcast and tell them not to drop STARZ.

“DON’T let @XFINITY drop @Power_STARZ If you’re a Comcast/Xfinity customer, visit and call 888-90-STARZ TELL THEM TO #KeepSTARZ #xfinityfail #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac #POWER’‘

Reports read that the final season of Power will consist of 15 episodes; the first 10 episodes will conclude in November and the remaining 5 episodes are set for release in Jan 2020. It has also been stated that within 48 hours of the final episode of Power a spinoff titled POWER BOOK II will debut.


‘So stop saying this is the last season,” 50 Cent previously stated “THE PARTY IS NOT OVER!’‘

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