Clueless Reboot In The Works With Dionne Davenport Upfront!

#Cousins , you believe it’s been 24 years since the 90’s film #Clueless hit theaters? From a television series spin off, influential wardrobe, all the way down to the phrase “ AS IF “, to this day Clueless still reigns as a classic movie. So it’s only right that this legendary film is next in line for an official reboot, but we promise you it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before!


According to #Refinery29 , an all new Clueless television series is in the works. The difference between this new series as oppose to the old one is that there will be no Cher Horowitz in sight. The series will be specifically depicted around the life and times of Dionne Davenport, Cher’s bestfriend.

Sources have confirmed that the show will pick up with Dionne as the new head honcho, desperately searching for Cher after she mysteriously disappears.

It has been indicated that the show’s runners are currently shopping the series to multiple networks in order to find the perfect fit; however the series hasn’t been ordered to pilot as of yet.


Though the Internet may have mixed feelings about the reboot without it’s usual star, we are very excited for it. Dionne was always such a trendy character, it’ll be interesting to watch her story unfold!

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