Former Destiny’s Child Manager Matthew Knowels Sheds Light On Previous R.Kelly Encounter


The #SurvivingRKelly six part docuseries has come and gone but the fire is ever present within the music industry. Since then numerous artists and producers have come forward to speak their truths, issue apologies to fans and forward details of their previous encounters with the notorious phedophile #Rkelly.

Kelly has been apart of the music industry for decades producing and writing music for numerous artists but his reputation for the craving of young black girls has always exceeded him. Which has lead to the pressing question we all have in mind : “Why has so many artists turned played a blind eye to these allegations and continued to work with such a monster? “ According to #TMZ former Destiny’s child manager and father to both #Beyonce and #Solange Matthew Knowels has come forward to share his encounters with Kelly.


Within the late #90s the original members of #DestinysChild consisting of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Latavia Roberson and Letoya Luckett were signed to Sony records. Knowels states the label had a way of pushing artists to collaborate with one another. The label had hopes of Kelly writing  a record for the group which would automatically be deemed a smash hit. The girls recorded a record with Kelly which never made the final cut. Knowels states him and his former wife #TinaKnowels never let either of the group members out their sight while around Kelly. They were between the ages of 16-17, it was 1998 and the heat was on Kelly at the moment for pressing allegations.  Sources state Kelly made numerous requests of the group in which both Knowels and Tina declined, that was the last time they’ve ever worked together. 


Knowels tells TMZ that the music industry lacks a sense of urgency with these sorts of ordeals. “ Every artist back then was judged by their talent and NOT their personal misdeeds. “

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