#SecureTheBag: Tyga Snags Multimillion Dollar Deal With Columbia Records!

After putting forward a variant of independent projects #Tyga ‘s hard work and dedication has finally paid off. Word on the street is the former #YoungMoney artist has officially signed a multimillion dollar deal with Columbia records!

According to #Variety the new deal will assist Tyga with global production and distribution of his music. “They definitely understand the global brand,” Tyga states. “I have a lot of fans worldwide—in places I’ve never been like South America, and in places I have been like Asia and Europe. They can help bring that to a larger scale. Doing it independently, you don’t really have those teams to help worldwide. Sony, if you look at the history from what they’ve done from Pharrell to Beyonce to Adele—then you look at Lil Nas X, one of their new artists that’s blown up this year—they’ve done a lot for artists globally, for their brand.” 

Tyga’s latest album Legendary received major praise within the music industry; many identifying it as one of the greatest comebacks of 2019. The album featured his right hand man Chris Brown, Offset, J. Balvin, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Blueface and more.


Tyga is set to release all new music under his new home with Columbia records soon.

“I’m always in the studio. I could put a single out and have another out right after,” Tyga jokes. “I’m always creating. Sometimes I want to make an album or a song out, or a joint album with somebody. I’m very indecisive when it comes to releasing music on my own because I got so much of it.”

Congratulations Tyga!!

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