#Update : Cuba Gooding Jr Accused By 3 More Women For Sexual Misconduct!

Well #Cousins ; it’s definitely looking anything but good for actor #CubaGoodingJr within his alleged groping case . New information has been presented which now indicates that he’s being accused by 12-16 women for various occurrences of sexual misconduct.

Gooding was previously facing groping allegations from an incident that took place over the summer where he had originally pleaded guilty. The #DailyNews now reports that three additional women have come forward to allege groping incidents involving themselves and Gooding over the past few years. His attorney states that if there were any truth to these allegations his client would already be in jail.


Sources have confirmed that Gooding appeared in court Tuesday morning before Judge Curtis Farber and was ultimately released. The next hearing date has been scheduled for Dec.13th ; Farber will then conclude if any of the multiple accusers will be called upon to forward the uncharged crimes.

Gooding is currently being accused of sexual misconduct incidents ranging as far back as 2001 through 2019 each occurring in public places like bars or restaurants within major cities like California and New York City, Texas, and New Mexico. Sources have confirmed that Gooding is facing allegations of: groping, squeezing, rubbing, biting, kissing, licking, and grabbing genitals, all without consent. 

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