Family Matters Historical Home Sold For $1.2 Million, #BlackTwitter Issues Response!

The legendary home used in the opening credits of the 80-90s iconic sitcom of #FamilyMatters has been replaced with a 3 story condo and our favorite cousins over at #BlackTwitter aren’t having it!

According to #TravelNoire the North centered #Chicago home was recently demolished and sold for $1.2 million dollars. Sources have confirmed that the home was originally sold in 2016 for $$798,000. However thats no the pressing issue at hand.


Twitter users are upset with the fact that the home of the 90’s series #FullHouse has long been identified and preserved as a landmark but the Family Matters home didn’t received the same respect in the least. Both Full House and Family matters served as major staple America’s household within the 90s and even to this day. What is the exact difference between the two?

Though we must point out the location was only used for the opening credits ,the exact recording location took place between 710 and 722 Steiner Street. Neither of locations have been preserved , the new designed condo has a small plaque that reads the words “Family Matters.”


Twitter user @nuffsaidny stated, “Funny how the house from ‘Full House’ was made a city landmark but the house from ‘Family Matters’ got demolished and replaced by condos.”


September 2019 marks the official 30 year anniversary of the legendary sitcom #FamilyMatters debut . Family Matters is considered one of the most influential series ever created. It served as a major staple for the black community mainly because of the relatable issues the characters tackled each week from discrimination, racism, gun violence, high school trauma and even how to maneuver between letting your childhood crush down gently. Time may come and go but the memories of family matters will last forever.

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