#PrayersUp: Kenya School Collapsing Leaving 7 Students Dead & 64 People Injured!

#Cousins; a fatal ordeal at school in Kenya has left 7 students dead and over 60 people admitted to a near hospital on Monday morning!

The incident occurred within the early hours of class at Precious Talent Top School in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital according to #PeopleMagazine . It was around 730am when the school infrastructure began to deteriorate.;

It has been confirmed that a total of 7 students have been pronounced dead and 2 people have been identified as having life threatening injuries.

“We were in class reading and we heard pupils and teachers screaming, and the class started collapsing and then a stone hit me on the mouth,” 10-year-old student and survivor Tracy Oduor has come forward to state. “When we got out of the gate, we heard that pupils were dead. I feel so sad.”



The Kenyatta National Hospital has stated on #twitter that 64 students have been admitted into their facility with minor injuries.

“Our medical team … has managed to contain the situation and the children are stable as they receive treatment.”

Kenya’s education minister Mr. George Magoha has stated that this incident occurred due to the school’s structure. He admitted that the second level of the school should’ve never been built, that if the school were to rightfully ask for permission for the second level it would’ve never gotten approved.

Khalil Senosi APKhalil Senosi AP

Khalil Senosi AP

“If there was no other story put on top of that building, these innocent children would not have died.”

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