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‘Family Matters’ Star Jaleel White Launches Designer Weed Brand!


Congratulations are in order as beloved child actor well known for turning geek to sheek Jaleel White, has officially launched his own designer weed business!

According to The New York Post, the newly launched line ‘It’s Purpl’ features strains of purple bud that pays homage to his role of both Stefan Urquelle as well as Steve Urkel from the hit 80’s series Family Matters.

Sources have confirmed that the line is in collaboration with Cannabis brand 710 Labs which has helped to create the line of purple cultivars.


A previously developed strain named Purpl Urkel combining a lighter-Hurd strain called That White will also be available.

The It’s Purl logo features a younger him portraying his character Steve Urkel with a blended hightop fade and the formation of purple haze floating from his head.


Jaleel reveals that as a longtime smoker he has had ideas of starting his own brand for a while but no one ever gravitated towards his plans of collaborations.

“At this point, you know, I have smoked and smoked plenty,” says Jaleel.

The legacy of the character has just taken on its own life,” he continues. “I’ve been associated with something, an avenue of cannabis that’s respected and known. My criteria was, ‘I cannot do this and put out a, you know, a boo-boo offering of no effort.’ ”

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