Atlanta Business Owner Pays Off 30 Student’s Tuition At Clark Atlanta University!

We can all agree that a college education no matter the institution or location is super expensive. From part time to full time classes, those courses have the supernatural ability of burning a hole in your pocket! However we must urge you all, never be to shy to ask for what you need you never know whose ears could be listening.


According to #Blavity , #Atlanta business owner Pinky Cole of #SluttyVegan has stepped in and offered to pay off the tuition of 30 seniors at #ClarkAtlanta University. Sources have stated that Cole had recently stumbled across a #GoFundMe page of Khalil Perry, a Clark Atlanta Student who needed $8,000 to graduate. Eager to help she decided to lend a hand to more students in need.

Cole then paired up with Harlem Hops Co-owner Stacey Lee to help various students; within efforts of helping ease the financial burden that most Alumni’s are forced to face after graduating.


“I’ve been in that situation trying to figure out how you’re gonna pay for school and if it weren’t for me becoming Miss Clark Atlanta University, I probably wouldn’t have been able to graduate“ states Cole.

Lee shared the same initiative as Cole and was eager to help the students also, “They were genuinely happy and now they can concentrate on their books and hopefully they will pay it forward also,” Lee states. “I think they will.”

It has been stated that the ladies went to Clark Atlanta on Sept. 11th to present the good news to the recipients of the tuition relief.

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