Issa Rae To Star And Produce Reimagining Of 90s Film Set It Off!

Summer 2019 has came and went; with not one new episode of #Insecure in sight. Though we are Hella Upset and probably will continue to be until a new season drops; we thought you guys would be pleased to know that the good sis #IssaRae hasn’t forgot about us. She’s actually has been booked and busy with a few super special projects; one being the remake of the classic 90’s film Set It Off!


According to the #HollywoodReporter ; Issa has taken the official role of producing and potentially staring in the reimagining of Set it off. Sources have confirmed that Issa is set to pair up with business partner Montrel McKay of Issa Rae Productions, to assist with the film. Syreeta Singleton of Black Monday and Nina Gloster of Star have been named as the official writers of the script.


Incase you are unfamiliar or were just to young to watch; Set it off was officially released in 1996 by Takashi Buford staring #JadaPinkettSmith , #QueenLatifah , #VivicaFox and #KimberlyElise . The movie depicted the story of four young working women who were surrounded by poverty and violence majority of their lives, with dreams of escaping their hometowns and starting over. Together they joked around about robbing a bank until they realized they had the capability of actually pulling it off. As each mission bought in more money the stakes rised even higher leading to the ultimate sacrifice.

Set It Off reigns as one of the most legendary films produce within the 90’s, grossing over $9 million dollars with an all female cast lead fully by black women. The story line successfully inserted a multitude of messages and life lessons upon friendship, greed, social injustice and more. Issues that are often lost or over looked within today’s society,

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