Former NYPD Officer’s Receive No Jail Time After Pleading Guilty To Having Sex With Teenager In Custody!

Two former New York City Police Department officers have recently gotten off scott free after pleading guilty to having sex with a handcuffed teenager they arrested due to unestablished law.

According to #TheRoot ; ex officers #EddieMartins , 39 and #RichardHall , 34 were looking at 1-3 years worth of jail time after pleading guilty to charges of misconduct. That was until New York City Supreme Court Judge Danny Chun came forward to state that he believes the 18 year old victim’s side of the story lacked credibility and even stated “seriously, seriously questionable.” Which lead the two men to receiving a lesser punishment.


Both Martins and Hall were originally charged with rape but those charges were dropped. Sources have indicated that the men stated that the entire ordeal was consensual. They based their surrounding argument around the fact that there was no law stating that it is illegal for a New York City Officer to have sex with anyone who was under arrest as long as it’s consensual. Unfortunately they were right; at the time there was no law that stated such. However due to this horrific turn of events, within a years time lawmakers changed the law.

Martins and Hall are no longer officers and have received 5 months probation each.

#Gothamist recounts : In 2017, Martins and Hall were narcotics detectives in New York City’s Brooklyn borough when they stopped the young woman and her friends at a park. The pair said they found marijuana and the prescription drug Klonopin in the friends’ car, and they arrested the 18-year-old on marijuana charges, handcuffing her and throwing her into a police van.

They drove off, calling the teenager’s friends from a blocked phone and warning them not to follow, Gothamist previously reported. The two detectives then took turns having sex with the teen, before forcing her to take one of the Klonopins, and letting her go free, warning her to keep her mouth shut, prosecutors alleged.

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