Pusha T To Establish Prison Reform Program Under New Campaign!

Rapper #PushaT is taking the necessary steps to inflict and insure a much needed change within the legal system!

According to #Blavity , Pusha’s Third Strike Coming Home campaign is implemented to assist individuals who are serving life sentences in prison under the controversial three strike drug law. Sources have indicated that the law was established in the early 90’s by former President Bill Clinton. Under this law anyone who has a violent crime and two additional convictions is set to receive a minimum 25 years to life prison sentence. This law is recognized and enforced in a variant of states.

“In this project you will hear people sentenced to life in prison for marijuana. You will read about drug runners who got life. You will see people who had never spent a single day in prison before their life sentence,” reads reports from the Third Strike Coming Home Campaign site. “You will also read about the judges who — powerless from the bench — disagreed with the law. We hope these stories will help you decide whether the 3 Strikes Drug Law is fair.”

It has been stated that Pusha has donated a total of $ 25,000 towards the kick start of the campaign. He has also teamed up with two exemplary lawyers for assistance; Brittany K. Barnett and MiAngel Cody.

We are doing everything in our power to bring home men and women trapped behind the wall due to an outdated 3 strikes drug law,” states Pusha.

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