Philando Castile’s Mother Donates $ 8,000 To Help Charge Off Student Lunch Account Debt!

Police brutality slain victim and local hero #PhilandoCastiel ‘s memory is being carried on with both power and grace by no greater force other than his mom. Philando was well known within his community for changing the lives of students the best way he knew how with positivity and generosity. It’s beautiful to know that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

According to #EssenceMagazine ; Philando’s Mom Valerie Castiel recently forwarded a check of $8,000 to Robbinsdale Cooper high school to help assist senior students clear out lunch debt accounts. Sources have indicated that the seniors will be unable to graduate without obtaining a zero balance. Clearing these balances serve as a great financial difficulty to most parents. “The unpaid bills is over $300,000 now in our district and we also see this through the state,”  Carlton Jenkins, superintendent of Robbinsdale Area Schools tells local news stations. 

Thanks to Valerie a total of 334 students debts were officially cleared. “For those students to know that they can graduate now without having a bill, I can’t tell you how big it is,” states Jenkins. 

“This is something that Philando held near and dear to his heart,” states Valerie.

“He’d pay for children’s lunch meals out of his own pocket instead of letting a child go hungry that day, he would pay for it himself.”

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